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Who we are

We build websites and applications with great zeal and attention which are visually powerful, intellectually elegant and above all timeless. We are a bunch of enthusiastic folks who have endless passion to engender, which became the major reason to embark on.

“MANTE SOLUTIONS”; a one stop destination to all your impediments in the Web World.

We distinct ourselves from typical Software and Website Design companies with our business-driven approach, strategic thinking, personal attention, real world results, competitive prices and client centered work ethics. With these combined experiences, we have built the reputation for creating a positive and promising returns on investment for our clients.

Formally being individual freelancers; we teamed up as "MANTE SOLUTIONS" officially in 2015 as a brain child of "MANTE GROUPS" , a vision to have complete paperless & environmental friendly society around us. This could happen only by creating easy to access and affordable web solutions to each and every organizations, business community, professional & educational institutions, NGOs etc; irrespective of their size and scale. We enable people belonging to all sectors to create a flawless and most organized platform for communication, marketing, setting up, operations, ecommerce etc;

all at a one spot destination called “MANTE SOLUTIONS”.

With over 50+ years of IT experience, Mante Solutions is now expertise in Web Design, Web Application, Business & IT Consulting, Graphic Design, E-Commerce, Web Hosting , Search Engine Optimization and many more.

Our expert team will drive you from the real space to virtual space by Visualising your Imagination.

We love what we do & We do it well

Web Design and Development

Out of many, Mante’s main credibility is its expertise in web design and development. Web design and development are like the two faces of a coin. They always complement each other yet being not the same. Mante’s resourceful team houses most efficient web designers who are the architects of the web and developers who are the builders. We pride ourselves on using HTML5, CSS, JQuery, Javascripts, Bootstrap, Asp.Net, PHP and other open source and microsoft related technologies to craft modern solutions to our clients.

IT Consulting

Our IT consulting service most extensively reaches various business industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, finance & banking, education and many more. We help our clients to choose best of the available technologies, agile workflows and most apt practices to meet their infrastructural objectives. We deliver highly efficient supporting service for every growing business.  Mante’s IT Consulting team expertises in designing, implementing, and managing your organization's technology & infrastructure.We proficiently focus on the core competencies and uphold its competitive edge. Contact us to learn more about fulfilling your techno dreams.


Our creative designers add their distinctive and sophisticated touch to graphic design like creating logo, advertising design, packaging design and many more. Their boundless energy and ability to explain solutions coherently has earned us immense integrity and trust that our clients love about us.Our extremely talented team of IT, web solutions & graphic designers work hand in hand on the user interface design (UI),  user experience design (UX), or the total experience of the user as they move through a website.

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